Saturday April 9th Haags Pop Centrum

april 5th, 2016  / Author: admin

Hey all,

This saturday we’re playing @ HPC.

Hope to see and hear you there where we will rock out with Playyard!

Far out!

Times and bands @ our gig in the Box

januari 20th, 2016  / Author: admin

Times and other bands are known. Make sure not to miss any of the band
on Friday January 22nd. Schedule is tight. Doors open 20:00 hours.

1st band: MaroziA
“Metalish” band as you will not have seen before. Unique and fun to
Start 21:00

2nd band Old Mens Riot
Heavy rock and they are not afraid to show it Start 22:00 uur

3rd band Butt Ugly Noodle
As a noodle, tasty, diverse looking, and can come in different flavors.
Start 23:00 uur

We hope to see you all.

Best wishes 2016

januari 12th, 2016  / Author: admin

Wishes 2016

Geplaatst door Marozia op dinsdag 29 december 2015

See you in 2016!

Doe Maar (live) in Café Pitcher

december 15th, 2015  / Author: admin

Heya all,

We had a lot of fun @ Café Pitcher. See the recording below. Enjoy!

January 2016 The Box Katwijk

oktober 27th, 2015  / Author: admin


On Friday January 22nd MaroziA is playing @ The Box in Katwijk.

Check us out there!

November 27th MaroziA @ WPC Nederland 3

oktober 27th, 2015  / Author: admin

Hey all,

We’ll be playing @ WPC Nederland 3 in Wateringen on Friday November 27th.

Be there and be surprised.

Rock on!

December 12th MaroziA with BUN in Café Pitcher

oktober 27th, 2015  / Author: admin

Hi All,

MaroziA will be rocking with our friends from Butt-Ugly Noodle in Café Pitcher in Haarlem on Saturday December 12th.

See you there!


Big news was announced and here it is

september 15th, 2015  / Author: admin
20150907_231837[1] MaroziA is complete again.

We have found a rocking bass player and a worthy introduction will be coming your way soon.

We are thrilled with him and his vibe. Just a few weeks in rehearsal mode and we are already stoked with the progress and the new material that is in the making. Keep an eye out for new updates in the near future!

Rock on y’all, MaroziA.


To live is to grow, in whatever direction.

juli 5th, 2015  / Author: admin

Yo mother-rockers,

Big news … and huge loss. Ramon will leave us.
Here is his goodbye note to all of you:

Heya all,

To live is to grow, in whatever direction.

Over the past 9 years I have had an incredible time and have learned a lot as part of Marozia, both musically and personally. It has really
changed me as a person. But lately I have felt the fire to propel the band forward burn out and have realised I needed a radically new
perspective on music. It is both a terrifying and enthralling step for me, but I really feel now is the time to shake things up, leave the
old habits behind, and use all the experiences and lessons from over a decade of playing in bands to finally discover what music I can make

This has been a very hard decision and even harder to tell the guys. A bit like breaking up a romantic relationship. I love them dearly and
will really miss making and performing music with them, but my time has come to leave Marozia and leave the brown noise making to someone
else. I hope Marozia finds someone soon and will keep supporting them, whatever direction they may go.

See you soon, wherever or whenever that may be, Ramon


We love him, will miss him and wish him all the best with everything in his live. We will support you all the way.

But dear mother rockers … this means we are looking for a bass player.
Please spread the word and help MaroziA back on the stages.

Rock on, MaroziA.

New gig video and recording

oktober 24th, 2014  / Author: admin

Heya all,

It’s been a while, but there is now a new video available from our last gig in Musicon. Check it out here:

We also have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that there will be no more gigs this year. But this is because of the good news: we are currently working on recording new material! Our new demo will be called ‘The Unflamable Man Cave’ and will contain our best new songs. More on this demo and how to get it later.

See you soon!