To live is to grow, in whatever direction.

Yo mother-rockers,

Big news … and huge loss. Ramon will leave us.
Here is his goodbye note to all of you:

Heya all,

To live is to grow, in whatever direction.

Over the past 9 years I have had an incredible time and have learned a lot as part of Marozia, both musically and personally. It has really
changed me as a person. But lately I have felt the fire to propel the band forward burn out and have realised I needed a radically new
perspective on music. It is both a terrifying and enthralling step for me, but I really feel now is the time to shake things up, leave the
old habits behind, and use all the experiences and lessons from over a decade of playing in bands to finally discover what music I can make

This has been a very hard decision and even harder to tell the guys. A bit like breaking up a romantic relationship. I love them dearly and
will really miss making and performing music with them, but my time has come to leave Marozia and leave the brown noise making to someone
else. I hope Marozia finds someone soon and will keep supporting them, whatever direction they may go.

See you soon, wherever or whenever that may be, Ramon


We love him, will miss him and wish him all the best with everything in his live. We will support you all the way.

But dear mother rockers … this means we are looking for a bass player.
Please spread the word and help MaroziA back on the stages.

Rock on, MaroziA.

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